Wallpaper, Winter Garden

Jules Desfossé factory (1851-1947)
Édouard Müller (1823-1876), designer
France, 1853
Continuous paper, hand-brushed ground, wood-block printing
Maker’s references: Numbers 2031 to 2034; bottom edge 42 inches, top edge 25 inches, pilaster 25 inches with or without window, window, bottom edge one meter wide. 360 wood-blocks. 381 colors. 1 panel
Purchase, 1982
Inv. 48783

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Jules Desfossé presented this wallpaper at the World’s Fair in Paris in 1855, in the Rotonde du Panorama, next to the famous series The Garden of Armida, Supper after the Masked Ball (after Thomas Couture) and Autumn by Auguste Clésinger. This decoration was presented again at the World’s Fair in London in 1862. Its presence at both these prestigious events reflects the enthusiasm of the time for for winter gardens and greenhouses – a fashion that was all the rage in Paris during the Second Empire.

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