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Open to Hospitality and Food Service Students

Menu du paquebot France, 1912
© Jean-Claude Lemée / Ecomusée de Saint Nazaire

The Musée des Arts Décoratifs was conceived since its founding as a place of transmission and inspiration, for amateurs and professionals alike, whether they are in a training stage or putting their skills into practice.

In order to continue this mission, the MAD renews its program destined to vocational school students specializing in the hospitality and food service business.

For this new edition, the menus preserved at the Musée’s library will be the main source of inspiration for the participating students, who will interpret their content and/or illustrations to create a special dish for the occasion.

Les élèves élaborent La Bomba sucrée lors de l’édition 2017 du projet « À table ! »
© Lucy Winkelmann

Focusing on a period, the Belle Époque, and covering a series of cross-disciplinary themes (Gastronomy & Power, The Birth of Tourism, Exoticism & Fantasies and 1900: Paris & its Artists), the students will be asked to conceive an interpretation of the theme chosen and of the according menu and ultimately design a menu of their own and make one of its dishes. The recipe for this dish will be included in the final written presentation of each project.

For the final stage of “À table!”, the dish will be photographed and featured in a special book on the 2018 edition of the program.

La Bomba sucrée
© Lucy Winkelmann

• Discover the Art Nouveau collections and the exceptional fund of the MAD’s library
• Open themselves to culture and interdisciplinarity
• Develop their imagination and creativity
• Perpetuate the excellence of French cuisine

In order to continue this valuable program, the MAD needs you.

You will be invited to experience the main events of the program with the students. This will give you the chance to share a moment with the participants and interact with them.
You will also receive the recipe book created by the students as a courtesy.

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