Collect/Connect. Bijoux contemporains. Julie Decubber/Stefania Lucchetta

from 6 October 2020 to 3 October 2021

Until October 3rd, 2021, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs participate to triannual Parcours Bijoux 2020 series of events and exhibitions by presenting original pieces from jewellery designers, Julie Decubber and Stefania Lucchetta. Displayed in the Galerie des Bijoux, which offers an unequalled panorama for this field, both artists’ creations spring from two very different fields of research, which both address contemporary concerns.

Julie Decubber continues to immerse her work into the eclectic world of contemporary ceramics. Fifteen ceramic artists supplied her with their rejected waste: endangered materials intended to be destroyed. Julie Decubber celebrates them by creating a collection of “jewelstories”, using their shards as materials, revealing the personalities of the ceramic artists with overlaying her own, as exquisite relics. In turning them into jewels, these fragments take on new, intimate significance.

Stefania Lucchetta is a pioneer in the usageof 3D modeling software and prototyping machines in the field of jewellery. For nearly twenty years, she has used these novel technologies to produce complex forms that are impossible to achieve through traditional techniques. Titanium, her preferred material, allows her to combine lightness and expressivity. The fifteen pieces of jewellery presented on view are true sculptures in miniature form: her earlier geometric and abstract structures evolve, in more recent pieces produced for the exhibition, into organic sculptures closer to shapes found in nature.

Halfway between jewellery and documentary, the exhibition is immersed in a soundscape recorded during the encounters between the designer and the artists.

Julie Decubber, Farandole installation, 2020
Photo: Julie Decubber

The “Collect / Connect. Contemporary Jewellery” exhibition reveals the most recent explorations and showcase the formal audacity of contemporary jewellery.

The fifteen ceramic artist who partnered with Julie Decubber
• Héloïse Bariol
• Enrica Casentini,
• Nani Champy-Schott
• Agnès Debizet
• Julia Huteau
• Kaori Kurihara
• Julia Morlot
• Linda Ouhbi
• Émilie Pedron
• Fanny Richard
• Alice Toumit
• Francine Triboulet
• Léa Van Impe
• Anne Verdier
• Ulrike Weiss

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