Vase “Tripode”

Suzanne Ramié (1907-1974)
Atelier Madoura, Vallauris
France, 1950
Faïence émaillée
Achat Madoura grâce au mécénat de Fabergé, 2001
Inv. 2001.61.1
© MAD, Paris / photo : Jean Tholance

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In Vallauris, the Madoura studio that Suzanne Ramié directed with her husband became, from 1946, an active centre for many painters and sculptors including Picasso, Chagall and Brauner. Suzanne Ramié updated traditional shapes of Mediterranean pottery using monochrome glazes that were matt or brilliant and by contributing a refined sculptural dimension to used shapes. Another version of this surprisingly modern tripod vase was decorated by Picasso.

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